Wanted, Dead or Alive

We've finally launched the feature you've all been eagerly waiting for—'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'

More than 100 000 $ to earn by farming the game God of Gods!

How does it work? Farm the cards corresponding to the wanted character.

To claim the reward, you'll need to own the card of the correct rarity level and with the specified skill(s).

To claim your prize, head over to our Discord channel, post in the designated section, and share a screenshot of the matching card. (Be advised, the timestamp of the screenshot on Discord will serve as the official record)

These cards are unique, meaning it's first come, first served!

Each card comes with an Amazon gift card (or a google play gift card) bounty, starting at $5 for an epic card with one skill, $50 for a legendary with one skill, and $250 for a legendary with two skill.

The hunt continues until the characters are captured.

Note: When you claim your bounty, the card remains in your deck, but the skills are reset to zero.

It's Meditrine's week, so we're kicking things off with him—offering 10 epic and 2 legendary cards for a total bounty of $350 in Amazon gift cards.

Last Week it was Tyr :

Apis :

Dionysos :

Athena :

Freya :

Pharoah :

Succubus :

Samnu :

Gasha :

Poseidon :

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